Amount of provided loans
October, 2016
180 mln rubles
November, 2016
229 mln rubles
December, 2016
290 mln rubles
January, 2017
353 mln rubles
February, 2017
420 mln rubles
March, 2017
500 mln rubles
April, 2017
590 mln rubles
May, 2017
698 mln rubles
June, 2017
822 mln rubles
July, 2017
964 mln rubles
August, 2017
1129 mln rubles
September, 2017
1321 mln rubles
October, 2017
1513 mln rubles
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EcoFinance — Fintech at its best

Investments in financial technologies and next-generation services

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A company with a Fintech philosophy

We develop and introduce advanced online lending products, providing friendly service based on international best practice.

EcoFinance was founded in 2015 by a professional team with a wealth of experience in banking and investment. This experience became the basis for developing new loan products, whose usability fulfils the demands of the digital generation.

Innovative EcoFinance loan products allow clients to take out a loan online in just a few minutes — securely, with no need to visit a branch. Our services are characterised by helpfulness and loyalty to our customers.

In product development, we adhere to the world’s top industry standards and root principles of responsible lending. Our goal is to design and bring to international markets financial services that will become leaders in their respective niches.


Our projects

CreditPlus — microcredit goes mobile

An efficient solution for any client who needs a loan really fast.

Under the CreditPlus brand the company provides loans of up to 30 000 rubles for a period of up to 30 days. Access to funds can be received in less than two minutes — online, using your computer or a smartphone.

EcoFinance service is built on loyalty to the borrower and the best European practices of lending.


Our formula for success is experience and knowledge

We have many years of fruitful experience in lending, defining business processes, information systems and sales.


Strategic partner

Innovation is central to the work of DYNINNO. Experts in business process optimisation, this is an international group of companies with many years of experience.

DYNINNO international partner offices in Russia, USA, Latvia, Moldova and the Philippines serve customers from over 45 countries. Among them are prominent institutions such as the global travel agent network and tourism brand group International Travel Network.

Investor information

EcoFinance is a rapidly growing company working on the non-bank loans and financial services market.

The trust of our investors is a proof of the quality of our service and their high estimate of the EcoFinance team’s professionalism. Cooperation of this kind adds to our capacity to provide the most advanced hi-tech online lending products on the market.

To each investor we offer flexible terms regarding both investment sums and return payments, attractive yield, full transparency and accurate professional risk control management.


Synergy of the multi-dimensional experience

EcoFinance’s success is based on a solid foundation: its people — professionals whose experience speaks for itself.

The core of the company’s talented international team is made up of expert specialists in the field of banking and investment, who have received their education and experience from the world’s leading universities and enterprises.

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Our team’s diversity is a priceless advantage in terms of both skills and achievements. Every key EcoFinance team member possesses not only a deep understanding of the processes in the area of their specialisation, but also has a strategic vision for its development, taking into account the specifics of the rapidly growing Fintech industry.

Our team members have gained their knowledge and experience at:


Contact us

Moscow, Sadovaya-Samotechnaya street 24/27, tel. +7 (499) 110 52 24, e-mail: